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Frequently asked questions

Is the Internet available in the apartment?
Yes. Resi Capital provides a wide range of amenities, including the Internet along with Wi-Fi in every rental flat.
Is the service charge included in the monthly rental cost?
Yes. The monthly rental cost consists of basic rent, service charge and the utilities. All monthly costs appear in the rental configuration summary next to the booking form on our website.
Are pets allowed in the apartment?
Definitely yes! We are open to all pets, provided they are declared before signing the contract.
Can I make changes to the apartment?
It all depends on what kind of change is involved. In this respect, it is best to speak directly to your Account Manager and present your case. Remember also that the apartment must be returned to its original condition at the end of the tenancy.
Are there additional procedures in place in relation to COVID-19?
Yes, we care about the comfort and safety of our tenants, which is why we take great care in cleaning and disinfecting common areas.
Do I rent a storage unit/parking space with my apartment?
Absolutely! When configuring your offer, you can purchase a storage unit and a parking space at a fixed monthly price.
Does Resi Capital charge a commission?
Resi Capital is the owner of all the apartments on offer, so when you rent an apartment here you will not pay any commission for the agency in renting out the apartments. The lack of hidden costs is one of the biggest advantages of this solution.
Can the booking deposit be paid in instalments?
Unfortunately, no. When booking your apartment we will ask you to pay the deposit in full.
How long is the tenancy contract signed for?
The period of the contract is agreed when booking the apartment and is between 6 and 24 months.
Can anyone rent an apartment? Are there any restrictions?
Anyone of legal age can rent an apartment from Resi Capital if they meet the relevant income proof requirements. For foreigners, documents regulating their stay in the country are also required.
Can I count on a dedicated account manager at Resi Capital?
Certainly yes. Resi Capital's customer service team is committed to quality service and is always ready to help.
How are utilities billed?
For the first billing period, an advance payment for utilities is required, paid together with a booking deposit in the amount specified for the apartment. In subsequent billing periods, utilities are billed according to actual consumption.
Can I buy an apartment from Resi Capital?
Unfortunately, no. All Resi Capital apartments are exclusively for rent.
Who should carry out repairs in a rented apartment?
All damage to the apartment should be reported to the Customer Services Team who will deal with the damage.